Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tyler and Rhebeca spent a few hours with me this afternoon. I feel like a real Grandma tonight after trying to keep up with them all afternoon. The kind of Grandma that walks with a cane and sits in a rocking chair:)

First we went to the grocery store. I didn't need much so thought I could take them with me. They both wanted to ride on the electric cart with me so they both sat on my lap and both tried to steer:) They sometimes act just like brother & sister with the way they try to keep things even. I needed two rolls of paper towel from the top shelf...Beca could reach it and Tyler couldn't so he cried for a while...refused to get back on the cart. He finally gave in and walked the rest of the way beside us.

Then we came to my house and they played outside. I have a lot of water balloons and Beca filled them with water...Tyler carried them to me...and I tied the top. They had a great time trying to hit everything they could think of with a water balloon. In the picture here they are on their way out to the mailbox to throw a water balloon at it.

Steve and Katie had me over to their house for steaks done on the grill. I had a beautiful and very delicious t-bone. We sat out on their deck overlooking the lake. It was just a perfect day to be outside today. Not too hot and not too cold. I felt so special that they would have me come over by myself.

My pain is a little bit better with the increase in meds. I just have to resign myself to knowing that I won't ever be completely out of pain. Where I am as far as pain goes is so much better than before the pump but it doesn't take long for it to shoot up to a 9.5 on a scale of 0-10.

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