Friday, April 14, 2006

I made some Easter cookies this evening. Steve, Katie, Tyler & Caden are having me over for lunch on Saturday (tomorrow) and I wanted to bring something the boys would like. The little eyes are candies and the fluffy tails are cotton candy...and now I have LOTS of cotton candy left !!

I had a pump refill today and talked to the pain doctor about my pain and what I can expect as far as pain control. He said my pain is reactive pain in that it's the same as if you would hit your finger with a hammer. When I stand or walk it puts all the load on my lower spine and crushes the nerves and the spine is unstable also and moves...and that's what is causing the pain. He went ahead and increased the amount of meds I get in the pump again this visit. I was at 6 mgs a day of morphine and now I'm at 8 mgs a day of morphine. He never mentioned what the other doctor said about the pain being muscles instead of mechanical pain but from what he said to me today I could tell he totally disagreed. I didn't want to put him in the spot of bad-mouthing the other doctor so didn't mention it. To refill the pump which is under the skin in my abdomen they put a template on top of the pump and it tells them where to put the needle. Some people like to be numbed up and some don't...I am one of the ones that DO want to be numbed. That way there is no discomfort at all.

The doctor also said that I should not be sweating like I am with the morphine. So, now the question is transferred over to my primary care doctor.

Wayne took off work today to take me to the doctor. I think he enjoys going with me and we always go out to lunch. We ate at a huge Chinese buffet in Elkhart. He's been wanting to take me there for a long time and I told him that today was a good time since I'm seeing the dietician on Tuesday and I'm sure Chinese buffets will be out of the new diet. I'm really looking forward to seeing her and getting a plan started. I needed help before when I lost weight and went to Weight Watchers and lost 40 pounds and I need help this time too!!

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