Thursday, April 06, 2006

The pictures are Rhebeca and her Mommy and Jacob.

Rhebeca is just crazy about her Mommy and loves spending any time together that they can find. It's got to be hard at times with two little brothers demanding attention. Her "grandma's" try to fill in and spend special alone times whenever possible. I am hoping to feel like coloring Easter eggs with her this week. Please say a prayer for me that the pain will let up enough to do that with Rhebeca. It probably means as much to me to be able to do that than it does to Rhebeca.

The other picture is another one of Jacob at 18 months. He's such a little sweetheart. He is talking to me on the phone more all the time...It's mostly gibberish but he's sure trying hard to communicate and every once in a while I recognize a word.

I just can't believe how bad the back pain has been. I can't even walk into another room without unbearable "tears in your eyes" pain. I needed to get groceries today so I gave in and used a motorized cart....I don't really like doing it because it's kind of embarrassing but the embarrassment goes away when the pain starts up. I got along so much better with the motorized cart than I do when I push a regular cart. None of the sweating that I usually get. The sweating must be from the pain.

I called and moved the appointment with the pain doctor up a week. So, I see him on Good Friday now. He better have some tricks up his sleeve to help with the pain. I am hoping there is nothing wrong with the pump or catheter. That would mean more surgery is there is something wrong with either of them.

Just a couple of tidbits about American Idol that I've read this week. Kellie Pickler (the naive little country girl...Or at least a good act portraying a naive little country girl) flew in her regular hair stylist to do her hair this week. Here is a quote from a blog that I read daily that is basically about American Idol...
"Carmen Cutrona, one of the Q.C.'s most sought-after hair designers, left this morning to help Pickler, his most famous celebrity client, a representative for Cutrona confirmed. Cutrona -- who charges $300 for a consultation, cut and styling -- is the owner of Carmen! Carmen! Salon & Spas. Pickler, who lives in Albemarle, has been a client of Cutrona's for a few years, the hair designer's rep says.
Whoa, $300 bucks and she never et no spinachh salad! Hee. Actually, I think Kellie's hair always looks good...."

Lisa Tucker...the girl who got voted off last week....will be a guest star on the TV show "The O. C." She will be on the show on April 27th at 9:00pm. I'm not sure what network that is on but my guess would be Fox.

Watch Elliot next time you see him sing and he always pulls at his ear as a signal to his girlfriend. I thought that was so sweet:)

The relatives that you see in the audience every week do not get any help with expenses from Fox. They all pay their own way and usually have to stay in discount hotels!

Just a couple cute things that Tyler said in the last couple of days. My Mom has a wall where she has measured the grandkids since they were pretty little. Tyler loves to stand by his latest mark and see if he's grown except he gets mixed up and says..."How much do I weigh?" And, yesterday when he spent the afternoon with me we went to Starbucks for an afternoon pick me up. He walked right up to the counter and said.."We'll take a strawberry drink for me and Wayne and Becky want coffee." I know that doesn't sound really funny but when you see a 5 year old that can barely see over the counter say was pretty funny:)

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