Thursday, April 06, 2006

This is Dr. Freidman and as luck would have it I got to see him today. He is a pain specialist that is in partnership with my doctor, Dr. Grove. He is "young" for a pain doctor and looks it too. I called the doctor's office and told them I'm having increased pain and he had a cancellation today. He was very nice but totally wrong in his assessment of my back. He thinks I'm having muscle spasms. I have had muscle spasms in the past and know how they's knock you to the ground pain. He didn't want to do anything to ruffle my doctor who will be back from vacation next week. So, if I want to take them, I now have muscle relaxers to add to the mix of drugs and another drug that would make me very sleepy. I think I'll get 2-3 pills and try them so I don't waste getting a whole months supply.

The nurse did check the pump and it is working just fine...which is a relief. She held a portable device up to the pump and it could read the programming on the pump and what has/and is happening.

I kept reading the word pwn or pwned and thought is was miss-spelled. It's not and I finally found out what it means. Here is a quote from a website that I thought explained it well....

" The slang term pwn (past tense pwned, pwnd or pwnt) as used by the Internet gaming culture, means to dominate an opponent. In this context, to be pwned can be defined as “to be defeated,” with the strong connotation of also having been “made a fool of.” It is generally used for “friendly taunting” of a player’s in-game enemies, and gently “rubbing in” any victories, no matter how fleeting. While the term probably originated as a typographical error of the word own [1], it is now used intentionally by many members of the culture. The term has become so ubiquitous in Internet circles that it is often used outside of gaming contexts."

Anyone reading this I would ask for your prayers. I want to have Rhebeca, Tyler, Kael and Caden over one day this weekend to color Easter eggs. It probably means more to me that we do this than it does to the kids. I have had such an increase in pain that I don't know how I can possibly do this but I also think that with prayer I could have a time out of the day to have less pain and be able to have fun with our grandkids!! I won't have them all four at once....I couldn't do that if I was well!!....but will try to have them two at a time on different days!!

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