Monday, April 03, 2006

This is Tyler (on the left) and he spent several hours here today. We had a great time as usual. I like this picture because it's about how much of his attention I get when he's playing a game. He said cheese for the picture but I didn't quite get eye contact:)

On the way to our house today he noticed how black the clouds were and how windy it was. He started getting really worried about a tornado. I told him we would check the computer as soon as we got home. I had the opportunity to try to explain insurance to him because he wondered what we/or his parents would do if the beds blew away. Then he started talking real excitedly and decided that if we saw that a tornado was headed for us he'd build a rocket ship and we would get in it and announce to the whole world that there was a tornado coming....oh to be a child and think like that again.

I did get into the doctor today. He was surprised the Toprol was causing problems but looked it up and sure enough it can cause gasto-intestinal problems. So, he put me on Lotrel. I think I will wait to take it till these stomach problems let up a bit so I can give it a fair try. He also prescribed Scopoderm Patches (don't know if I spelled it right) because I told him that a lot of people on the pump are having the sweating problems like I am and this patch has helped them.

We are renting a Pontiac Vibe this week because all 3 of our cars are in the shop. It is really a nice little car and one that I wish we could buy. The mini-van that I drive is starting to get very uncomfortable because the seats are worn down. These seats in the Vibe just cushion my back without hurting it. I wish so much that we could buy it but we can't....can't afford it. It's hard to believe we can't even afford that car because through the years we've bought so many nice vehicles. Life changes and some changes are tough to handle. I never thought I'd be driving a car with 210,000 miles on it:)

One of the blogs I read that is basically about American Idol had some interesting information from someone that just got fired from American Idol so they could hire someone's niece. Here is what they said about 2 of the contestants. See if you can figure out who they are:

More Gossip from Informant:
That a certain blonde contestant is not as nice as she puts off. Having an attitude with assistants.
A certain bald man will have all the crew crying if he leaves, that's how nice he is.
Paula was almost fired.

I wonder if Paula almost got fired over what she said to the contestants the night some of them were ready to be kicked off the show. She made some comment about one eating salad and one eating pizza. There were a lot of complaints about that on the American Idol forum.

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