Thursday, May 18, 2006

This is our daughter Kristi and her son Jacob. They are dancing to entertain Grandma and Grandpa (Wayne and me). It's always good to have them come to visit but it goes way too fast:( I am hoping and praying that I can go with Kristi and Katie tomorrow to eat lunch out. Kristi always wants to visit Hacienda one time when she visits. They have her favorite quesadillas that she's liked since she was a little girl!!

I was really hoping to have a good week physically but it hasn't turned out that way. I have been worse than I have for months. My feet and ankles are swollen almost double and are very painful and I've been exhausted. Last night I finally got a decent night of sleep. I'm praying that tomorrow I can go with Kristi and Katie to South Bend....but I never know till I wake up and see how I'm feeling.

Kristi is just starting to sell MaryKay. She came over tonight and gave me a pedicure with the MK products. It sure felt good to painful aching feel:)

Jacob got to play with his cousin Caden today. Caden is 3 months older than Jacob. I guess they loved playing on the basement stairs and they also had go be taken away from each other when they started spitting at each other. I think they have both just figured out that they can spit and it's a fun technique that they can try out from time to time. They will probably figure out pretty quick that it's not real acceptable!

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