Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The two pictures are of the Mother's Day projects I made. I have two more to make a title page for and then I want to make one for myself to keep in my purse. I thought they turned out really cute. The hardest part was picking out the picures when I began looking towards doing this for Mother's Day. A couple of them will be delivered late but at least they are done!!

My health...where do I begin?? My feet and ankles have been swollen about double their size for 3 days now. It's so frustrating because I've gotten different reasons from the doctor's as to why they swell. The pain doctor says it isn't the pump but I've read many articles saying that morphine in the pump can cause swelling. Then, there's the fact that the heart doctor said my heart could be causing the swelling and that makes sense to me too.

And for some reason I've had trouble sleeping again. I have been needing to take night-time tylenol again. It works but if I don't take it early enough it hangs on for half of the next day. I stayed up till 4:00AM to get the project that's in the picture done. I thought Wayne's parents were leaving to visit his sister today but after staying up so late/early Wayne said they all ready left. At least it's done for when she comes back.

I have switched from seeing the nutritionist to doing Weight Watchers online. I really like their program...lost about 45 pounds on it 5-6 years ago. I've gained it back...plus more after being on all those pain killers that slow down everything...including the metabolism. U switched only because of money. Weight Watchers online if about $5 a week for the first 3 months and then it goes down to $3.75 a week after the initial 3 months. C ompared to $20 a week seeing the nutritionist weight watchers is a real bargain...and I have to take advantage of all the bargains I can!!!

Tyler finally got to come over yesterday and we had a good time together. He has a routine when his Mom comes to pick him up...he runs real fast into the guest room and gets under the covers of the day bed and waits till his Mom finds him. He doesn't let out a peep.

Kristi and Jacob will be coming here on Wednesday. Sounds like it will be a wild time. I said something about putting things up so he doesn't get them and she said that won't do it because he'll just pull a chair to whatever he wants to get and crawl up and get it!! Sounds like he takes pretty good care of himself and what he wants/needs.

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