Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Today was the first day I can say I feel pretty good for about a week or more. I even took a shower and I'm sure everyone looking at me is pretty happy I did!

I even went to WalMart with Katie and the "boys". Tyler came with me on the electric cart and did most of the driving. He does a pretty good job. I only have to grab the wheel occasionally...especially when it looks like we're going to drive right into the back of someone standing there. I have been so broke lately but he still managed to talk me into 2 toys for him and 2 for Caden. I also got him some fishing lures and he talked quite a big about how tricky that will be to make it look like the fish is eating a jelly fish or worm and then the hook will get them! He's got a great place to fish at his house right off their pier.

American Idol was a little bit of a shock tonight although because of I kind of had myself prepared for Chris to go home. They have been right 85 % of the time and tonight they got it exactly right with Chris and Katharine in the bottom two and Katharine beat Chris by only a couple hundredths of a vote.

I went with Wayne to see the doctor today. He's been having trouble with his knee and the doctor said it's not trouble in the knee itself but bursitis of the kneecap...from kneeling on hard surfaces too much. I need to try to find him some knee pads somewhere so back to WalMart tomorrow. I think maybe I'll leave Tyler at home this time!! He explained to us why he refused to fill out my social security disability papers. There are 2 different types of forms to fill out. He fills out the simpler of the two all the time but the attorney had sent him the one about my ability to work and he doesn't know how to do that one and that's why he referred it to the pain doctor. Evidently the doctor has to come up with percentages of my ability to work or not work and it gets pretty complicated. I felt better knowing he didn't just refuse to do it...that's just not how he has acted in the past. He has always been more than helpful in every way!!!

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