Sunday, July 30, 2006

The following pictures were taking Saturday, July 29th, 2006. The family met for a wonderful service at the cemetary. My Uncle Dave spoke and it is truly a miracle that he could be here after only 7 weeks after open heart surgery. He spoke with such compassion for hurting humanity like I have longed to hear the last 8 years in pain. My Aunt Marcia and Uncle Dale both spoke and gave memories of Sonia and told how her death has changed their lives in the way we can all imagine...pain and also spoke some about the many mission trips they have taken in the past years. It will be a family time of sharing that will stay with me for a long time. time that will stay with me for a long time.
Rhebeca sittin at the dining room table
Rhebeca relates to adults on such a mature level.
She is sitting here at the table listening and talking
with her family...many of them that she's met
for the first time

Kristi (Mommy) holding Jacob and Kael
holding Aunt Kristi's hand.
Kristi does such a good job of making sure her neice and nephews
know and remember her. She lives far away from us and I know
it takes an effort to come here often and keep in touch with her family.
Every time she comes she does such a good job of bringing a gift for
each child that really fits where they are at the time. They will
always remember her for her interest in them!!

Kaleb with Aunt Katie

These are pictures from the reinterment. Kael and Jacob had fun going around and making all the little "twirlys" go at the cemetery. Children can find something fun to do wherever they are! Kael in thought!
From the time Kael was a little baby he has had this
look of combined worry/concentration/deep thought!
He is a very bright little boy and I love to see a little
guy so contemplative!

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