Sunday, July 23, 2006

For some reason I can't get all the fonts the size I want them on my last two posts. You can still get the drift of what I'm saying but as of now I don't know what I"m doing wrong. It's probably something as easy as when I couldn't get the pictures to post and I was in the edit mode instead of the compose mode!!
I took Tyler to his swimming lesson on Thursday and loved watching how well he is doing in the pool. He was working on his back float and swimming with his face down in the water and coming up for little breaths of air. It was kind of comical because everytime he came up for air (which was quite often) he would be talking. His teacher was so good and patient with him. What he mainly wanted to do is throw the rings in the water and dive down and get them. She was really good and directing him to what she wanted to teach him and then using the rings as a treat. Kind of like you'd see a seal or dolphin trained. They do their trick and then get their treat::)
On the way home I asked Tyler if he wanted a treat from the Dairy Queen because I remember how hungry I always am after swimming. He said yes...he wanted a banana split. So I got him the banana split and he treated it like a prize piece of gold.
Tyler and his swimming instructor

Yesterday (Saturday morning) I had an appointment with a doctor for an opinion on my condition and whether I qualify for disability. It was at the South Bend Clinic. I told (daughter/nurse) Kristi what I was going to do and she warned me that the doctor's that do the disability checks are ones you want to be aware of...they're not known for being the nicest of doctor's. I was really nervous when we got there...not knowing what he would do or want to know. I was glad Wayne was there and could go back with me. There were quite a few other people there waiting for the same thing. I quickly found out that I had to go into the room alone...state law. The doctor went into the room across the hall from mine and I could hear his line of questions and it kind of prepared me to know what to say. He was gruff and unfriendly and didn't listen very well. I had to keep having him go back and correct what I was trying to tell him. He ended by wanting to do an exam. He wanted to twist my back and bend me backwards. I asked him to please not do would cause too much pain and I don't know when I'd be able to get it under control. Well, he went right ahead and did it and the pain was instant and didn't go away.I sat down and hurt I'm in pain. By the time he left the room I was in tears. I could tell he really felt bad but not enough to say so. The nurse came in and took some more information and when I left he hurried over to me and patted me on the back and said...I will give you a very good report. Which I interpreted as I will recommend that you get disability.

I am writing this late Sunday afternoon and still have some pain from what he did but it's let up considerably.

The Anodyne treatment is still helping but unless I go every other day the pain comes back. I went in there Friday and had zero pain and almost no numbness when I left but by today the burning pain is back and almost complete numbness. I need to ask the therapist why it is returning so quickly.

One more story...Thursday I went to WalMart with Katie and her two boys. Tyler and I always shop together and Katie takes Caden. Tyler wanted to go to the toys (of course) but knew I couldn't buy him anything. He picked out some toys that he wanted for his birthday so I told him we could put them on layaway. I don't think he knew what layaway was but I tried to explain it to him. When the employee was boxing up our toys he was telling her it was for his birthday and tried to show her which toys were his. She didn't look at him or bother to answer him so he come over to me and kind of whispered...Did she hear me?...I had to explain that yes, she heard you but some adults don't think they need to answer a child. I said....don't say anything about what I just told you to won't do any good except to make her mad. He stood there just staring at her...trying to tak it all in. You could tell he was trying to take it all in and still wondering why. He finally looked at me and said...Becky, you always listen to me and answer. Talk about melting a Grandma's heart. I told him I sure try to listen to everything he has to say because it's important to me!!

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