Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rhebeca playing Uno with me

Rhebeca came over for a while last night and I wasn't feeling real well but told her that I would feel like playing games with her. First we played the "Bratz" game where we each have a doll head and put on makeup by drawing cards and rolling the die and fixing her hair, etc. The first one to get to the party is the winner. I'm really surprised but Tyler likes that game too. Then she and I played a couple of games of Uno. When I play other games with Tyler I usually let him win but with Uno it is very hard to let someone win...it's all up to the cards one draws. She won one and I won one.

I have had a couple of very bad days. My feet were real bad on Sunday and better on Monday and better today. I had therapy on them Monday and think it really helped. I think they got bad again because of how rough the disability doctor was on Saturday and it disturbed those nerves in my low back.

On top of that every joint in my body has hurt for two days. When I wake up in the morning I am scared to get off my chair because of how painful the first few steps will be. Advil seems to help when I take a prescription dosage of it and the pain doctor told me Advil is a safe medicine to take all the time. So, I haven't been doing much of anything the last two days. I've been on the computer too much because my eyes are hurting. I think when I play games on the computer I don't blink enough to keep my eyes moist and they get red and irritated.

Our daughter Kristi and her son Jacob will be here this afternoon for a few days. I love it when they come and cry when they leave. We don't have the finances right now to go to Memphis to see them so I have to wait for her visits. She is so good about staying in touch by phone, email and coming home about every other month. I'm very thankful that her husband doesn't give her a hard time for leaving. I'm sure without Jacob in the house it seems very quiet for him.

I wanted to post two more pictures but for some reason it keeps timing out. Check back later...it worked with this one picture and I'm gonna keep trying:)

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