Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kaleb's 1st birthday party
Kaleb's brother opened most of his presents while the adults were eating dinner. Katie said she heard paper ripping and went to check what was going on and there was Kael opening presents. It's a good thing that Kaleb didn't know any different this years to come it won't be taken as well!

Kaleb at 1 year old plus 1 day
I was so privileged to be able to watch this little guy being born. It's hard to believe he's grown so big all ready. I will always remember seeing this little guy in first few minutes of life!
Daddy holding Kaleb while we all sing Happy Birthday.
They always seem to be interested in the candle on the cake at that 1st birthday mark.

Kaleb trying on his new hat Kaleb's big sister...Rhebeca
She is also his "little Mama". He calls her Mama along with calling his Mother Mama.

Kaleb's big brother...Kael

He is the culprit for opening the gifts while we were eating. I'm sure it was quite fun but he must have known not do open them since he took the gifts and hid from us.

This is Tyler...Kaleb's cousin

Kaleb's birthday cake This is Caden, Kaleb's cousin and Tyler's brother

There are times that I question God as to why I would have to continue living here on this earth in so much pain. But then there are times like celebrating a grandchild's birthday that makes me thankful to be here and experience watching them grow.

Our daughter is here visiting from Memphis with her little 1 year old...soon to be 2. I have enjoyed getting to know him this week. The other times they've been here he's not wanted to reach out to anyone but Mommy and this time I've gotten to play with him and get to know him better. Yesterday we went to lunch at a good restaurant in Culver..."The Corn Dance Cafe". There was a table of ladies sitting near us talking about playing golf. I told Kristi I have such a hard time seeing women like that who can play a game of golf or seeing a woman 25 years older than me or more pushing a grocery cart while I'm in the electric wheel chair. Her comment to me was... you have things that many of those people may have a husband that loves you. It was such a good reminder of my focus and to try not to dwell on what I can't do and be thankful for what I have. I've reached a place in life where I don't always teach our children but they can help us now through hard times. What a reversal!!

I feel like I've been given a gift this week. The past 10 days were so difficult with joint and back pain along with the horrible fatigue that I get. Monday I felt slightly better and yesterday was like the switch was turned off. The last time our daughter visited I was having a really hard cycle of pain and couldn't enjoy seeing her that much. I know that the cycle of pain will return but I sure enjoy these days when it lets up considerably.

My feet are doing so much better since starting therapy. The therapy has been trying to increase circulation in my feet and get those nerves starting to heal. The therapist also has me doing some mild exercises to get the circulation continued in my feet. The exercises even feel good to these achy feet. The therapist I'm seeing has had a reputation from some for being hard on her patients but I have found her so pleasant. She worries about the exercises hurting my back and comes in to check on me several times while I have the treatment on my feet. I guess it's another lesson in life for me...don't listen to or repeat the negative about other people until you have experienced it yourself.

I am hoping/praying that I continue to have a few good days through this weekend. My Mom's sisters and some of my cousins will be here for a service and dinner on Saturday because my Aunt and Uncle are having their daughter's body moved from a cemetary in Utah to here in Plymouth. They want to be buried in Plymouth and want their daughter's body there by theirs. It may seem unusual to some to have a small service after all ready having a funeral but I look at it a little differently. She passed away at 16 in a car crash and they had a beautiful funeral for her. They will be unable to see her married or celebrate the birth of any grandchildren. I am thankful to once again be able to remember/celebrate the life that Sonia had lived and the way she touched all our lives. The pain is not quite so raw this time but she has been missed for many years and we can all support my Aunt and Uncle again and let them know that Sonia has not been forgotten!

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