Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jacob enjoying corn on the cob!
This is the time of year that the sweet corn is the best here in northern Indiana. I wanted to make sure Jacob got a taste of the treat we enjoy each year! And, I think he liked it.

Fun in a box!
While Jacob's Mommy was looking at the hand-me-down clothes from my brother and his wife Jacob decided it would be fun to play in the box. He had the best time crawling in and out and moving all around...he even liked it when I'd close the lid:)

Lunch at the Mexican Restaurant
One thing Kristi likes to do when she visits "home" is to eat at Hacienda Mexican Restaurant. That was the plan for toda...but I couldn't go because I had to be at physical therapy for my feet after lunch. She was nice enough to make adjustments to the schedule and eat at he new exican Restaurant in Plymouth. It was wonderful food. The first picture here was taken by Tyler. I had seen a lot of close up pictures like these used in the scrapbooking industry. Tyler loves to use my digital camera and take pictures...this was a good one!
Caden having sleepless nights
Caden learned how to climb out of his crib a few days ago. Now it's hard to keep him in bed. His Mommy said that last night (Wed. night) Caden was up and in she and Steve's bedroom at least 10 times. She said she would wake up having trains run on her face. She would put him back in bed and not long after he'd be right back. When I looed at this picture I noticed how tired Caden looks. He even has bags under his eyes. Hopefully for everyone's sake Caden will soon get a good night's sleep very soon:)

Tyler's transformer
Tyler's favorite toy for the past 2-3 years has been transformers. I have bought lots of transformers in the last couple of years. Tyler took a picture of his transformer when we were atthe restaurant today and asked me to please put it on my blog.

I had two very good days and today started out pretty good until I had lunch at the Mexican Restaurant. If you gall bladder ultrasound showed that there is sludge in my gall bladder and the doctor's aren't sure if that causes problems or not. I have done so well with my stomach problems being gone for several weeks now...and I haven't missed them either!! Well this afternoon and evening they are back full force. Please pray with me that my "good days" will continue until at least Saturday night so I can go to the internment service at the cemetary. My Aunt called me tonight and asked me to sing acapella and I just want to feel well enough to be able to fulfill that request. I have missed singing and I have always believed that music is powerful and in that situation such as Saturday music can be comforting.

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