Thursday, July 20, 2006

I haven't written for a while and I've had some very different days with my health. I am continuing to have therapy on my feet. It is really helping. Over the weekend my feet were so painful I couldn't sleep and it's all I could do to bear the pain. Wayne tried massaging my feet several times and that would help for a little big. Finally on Monday I got to go to therapy and after my treatment the pain was gone completely. I still had numbness but the pain was gone. There is no pain that hurts as bad as nerve pain...if there is I don't know what it would be. I had therapy again yesterday and today there is very little pain and the numbness is even starting to get better. I would highly recommend this anodyne therapy to anyone with neuropathy.
I am working with an attorney's office in Bronx, New York and trying to get disability. This Saturday I have to go to the doctor they require to get an examination and make a determination if I'm able to work. I just hope he believes me when I tell him my condition.
I went to the dentist on Tuesday. My two front teeth were chipped and that's what I wanted him to work on first because it was so embarassing to smile or talk to people. I had told him during my consultation that I am very hard to keep numb and he said not to worry that he would make sure I am numb before he would drill. Well, he did fine at first but the medication would wear off in 15-20 minutes and the first time he gave me more shots and the rest of the time he wouldn't take the time, he just kept drilling and hitting a nerve. It really made me angry that he wouldn't listen to me. I know he was in a time crunch because I was in the chair 2 hours and was scheduled for 1 1/2 hours and he had other patients waiting...but it's no excuse to drill without me being numb. It took 12 shots to do two teeth and he should have given me even more. He didn't even try to numb it the second time to give the shot...he just stuck it right in and OUCH! that hurt. When he was about done he told me he didn't want to work on me anymore and that I needed to go to a dentist that would do sedation. It is what I didn't need as an experience with the dentist. That is why I'm so scared to go...he is the 2nd one that would drill when I'm not numb. This dentist came highly recommended but whoever recommended him must not have trouble getting numb.
Tyler playing Old Maid
Tyler is still limited on using the computer so we play a lot of different games. Two of his favorites are Uno and Old Maid. He is so much fun to play Old Maid with because it's so obvious if he holds the Old Maid card which one she is and which one you should pick. I usually try to let him win. I figure his self esteem needs a little more encourangement than mine. I know I could win the game if I wanted to. I have tried one time to correct him but don't want to make him feel badly but he calls it "Old May".

Lemonade Stand
It was SO hot yesterday so Rhebeca and Tyler decided to have a lemonade stand. They were so warm sitting out there in the sun that I was afraid they'd get sick. (it's the Grandma in me). I finally convinced them to get a cold cloth and keep wiping their faces and to be sure and drink a lot. They wanted me to buy lemonade and all I had was a $10. I didn't want to spend that much so I wrote them each a check for $1. It was a really big deal and Katie said that on their way home Tyler started asking her to go do some banking so he could cash his check. Tyler also tried real hard to get me to make out the check for $1000 and I said no and then he worked on $100 and I said no again. He was finally happy with his $1.

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