Sunday, July 16, 2006

I finally figured out what was wrong with putting pictures on the blog. I thought the whole system was down and when I looked at some other blogs I saw that they had been able to put pictures on their blog so I knew I was doing something wrong. It's not like this is my first time doing it so it had to be something I changed. It finally hit me this morning...I had this in edit mode instead of the compose mode. I am just so happy to finally figure it out!

My feet are doing a little bit better after 2 anodyne therapy treatments. The burning pain is gone but they still are very numb and feel like there are rubber bands around my toes...especially the big toe and the one next to it. The therapist also had me start some mild exercises for my feet. Well, because of the back pain my muscles are not used to exercise so I've been having a lot of muscle spasms in my feet/toes/calves. Those hurt so bad but I know I'll eventually work out of that

I am having trouble sleeping again. I took 2 nighttime tylenol last night and only slept for about 2 hours. We are "dog sitting" for Steve and Katie's dog because they took a little out of town vacation this weekend. The dog is so cute (I'll post picture later today) Anyway, I sleep in the recliner in our room and the dog sleeps on the bed. I finally got to sleep yesterday in the early morning but was awakened by the dog barking at a TV show. Lassie was on TV while I was sleeping and Belle (the dog) started barking at her. I thought it was pretty funny...even though I would have liked to have slept longer!!

I know I'm really going to miss my pain doctor. He will be gone serving in the reserves for 4 months. He had given me a new medicine especially for nerve pain and wanted me to start out at 1/2 pill every 12 hours. Since it wasn't working I called his office and he is all ready gone and the newest associate said I would have to come in the office for that kind of change. With the anodyne treatment I stopped the pill anyway so I don't have to do that...thank goodness!!

The first two pictures below are Rhebeca with her new tennis racket. My Mom took her to her first tennis lesson last week and said she did very well and really enjoyed it. As with any have to get the right equipment to play so here Beca is showing us her tennis racket.

Tyler came over to play with Rhebeca and my Mom had enough foresight to take him to get his own jacket. Even though he hasn't played yet he is happy with his new racket also. You see in the 2nd picture of Tyler that he is holding the racket over his face. He loves to do that right now whenever he has his picture taken. The good things is that he's getting over not wanting his picture taken at all so I can get in a few good shots. (the camera variety of shots:)

The following two layouts are of Jacob...Krist & Eric's little guy. He is now 22 months old. He will soon be celebraing his 2nd birthday and the onset of the "terrible twos". He is the most active of all 6 grandkids. He loves to climb and get into everything...a very curious boy. He is a lot like his mother was when she was little. and loving to climb. She said she understands him so well and even understands his "need" to climb. Jacob's very lucky to have a Mommy that cares and mostly that understands him.

The last scrapbook layout is a picture taken in the play room in our last house...wah wah:( I like where we're living but really miss many things about that house. I'm trying to be thankful for what I have instead of always wishing for something that is impossible to achieve. Anyway....the whold back porch was the toy room and was an excellent place for them to play. The toys have to be downstairs at this house but I usually have Wayne (if he's home) take them downstairs to pick out what they want to play with.

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