Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I tried to post some pictures tonight but the blogspot is having trouble with their picture downloads. I went to their help section and they said they are working to get it back up and running.

My swelling is finally down today. But, my feet were so painful today. All my toes on both feet felt like they were on fire all day. I sat with my feet on ice packs to get rid of some of the pain. I go in to physical therapy tomorrow for treatment on the neuropathy. It is called Anodyne Therapy and is some kind of ultra violet light that can somehow heal or lesson the effects of neuropathy...I sure hope it helps me...I have just been miserable!!

I picked up Tyler and Caden from Day Care today. They came here to the house and were having fun playing. We have our play room in the basement now and Caden wanted to go down there and play. I didn't know it at first that he went down there at first and he got scared and started to cry. So, I rushed down there to help him and sat down on the little kids chair. When I sat down my knee twisted and I had horrific pain in my knee. It lasted the rest of the day and has finally let up a little bit tonight. That's all I need is something else starting to go wrong. I've had it happen a couple of other times and told my doctor about it and he said it's no wonder that you will eventually have knee problems because there is the same type of material in the knee as in the disc in the back. Since my discs are almost gone in the lower back he thought the knee might start to wear down too. I guess I will have to face it when that time comes.

Hopefully tomorrow I can put some pictures on here.

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