Monday, July 10, 2006

When I started this blog I only had one reason in mind for doing so. I read in a scrapbook magazine that starting a blog and entering pictures and stories about the pictures was a great scrapbooking tool. Then when I go to scrapbook a picture I have the story to use on the layout.

It has ended up being a good tool for me for several reasons. First, my family and friends can see how I'm doing from day to day...2nd, I have a record of how I'm doing from day to day to take to the doctor when needed and 3rd, it is good for my psychological well being to be able to post how I'm feeling. There's something about posting how I'm feeling that makes me feel a little better. So, sometimes if I sound repetitive or like I'm whining you'll understand why I'm telling how I'm feeling.

With that said...I had a horrible day yesterday and today. My feet, legs, hands, arms and face were very swollen. When that happens the back pain is always worse and so is the pain in my makes the neuropathy worse. There doesn't seem to be anything I can do that makes the swelling go down. I even take water pills and that doesn't help. I wish the doctor's could figure out what's going on. I think they are stumped as to what is causing the swelling.

By tonight the swelling is letting up just a little bit...and the pain is letting up some too. I'm so thankful when this happens. It means that maybe tomorrow will be a better day!!

Tyler called me this afternoon and wanted to tell me a story. My Mom had taken him down to the pond by her house to fish. I had trouble following the sequence but what I think happened is they caught a cat fish and threw it back in the pond and before long the same cat fish bit their hook again but this time the fish swallowed the hook, sinker and broke the line. Tyler thought is was so funny that he had a hard time telling the story because of laughing. It was late afternoon when he called and I asked him what his favorite thing was that he did today. It didn't take him long at all to say fishing and catching the cat fish!! I would love to be able to do active things like fishing with all the grandkids but my body just won't cooperate. Since I can't do it I'm thankful that my Mom can stand in the gap and do it for me:)

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