Friday, August 25, 2006

Christmas Tree Part 2
This is the same thing as yesterday....two pages that look
very similar but are for 2 different books. The first one is
Tyler's and the 2nd is Rhebeca's. It takes a lot of thought to
ome up with a least for me it once I
use a layout I like I repeat it with the same pictures...a lot faster and
I don't have to think much about what to do!

Part of these layouts were cut off again by the scanner...mostly
on the bottom and top.

I woke up today and felt like I'd been run over by a truck. I have had several good days in a row so I was due for a bad one and got one. The humidity is high and it looks like maybe another storm is brewing. I know the humidity is high when the windows are steaming. I'm so thrilled to have the anodyne unit here...My feet have been better all ready having the anodyne unit at home.

Today ended up being an interesting day. I woke up feeling like I would be able to do a thing but by about 10:30 I snapped out of it. Tyler came here right after school. I wanted to be able to look at the library books with him. We also baked cookies, ate lunch, played a game, played computer games and more. We had a great time as usual.

Tyler helped me bake cookies and one thing that struck me funny was watching him measure out the flour and put it in the bowl. For me it's not a messy thing but it ended up being all over Tyler, all over the cupboard and floors and it actually did make it into the cookies.

We decided the cookies would be for his Daddy because his Daddy had a bad accident today. Thank God for his safety. His guardian angels were watching over him today. He was on 49 N (heading north out of Valparaiso) and got into a construction zone. He was going 45-50 mph and there was a lady stopped in his lane and he didn't know it and rear ended her. It probably totaled both cars and he actually hit her so hard she hit the truck in front of her. I'm so thankful that he's all right. Katie called and was crying....I just think she was feeling the reality of what happened and what could have happened.

I guess it isn't Steve's time to go and he has a lot to live for. He's got two litle boys and a wife that depend on him.

I think the anodyne therapy is still helping here at home. My pain has continued to let up and now instead of having pain in the ball of my foot and all my toes...the pain is now in the tip of my big tow. It could backslide but I'm hoping it won't.

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