Thursday, August 24, 2006

Playing Grandpa Wayne's crane
It's pretty nice to have a Grandpa that owns a stuffed animal
crane route. We have machines in our garage off and on and when
Tyler sees one he always wants to play it. Grandpa showed him
what to press to keep getting free games...could it get any better than this?

Tyler is giving himself some more credits on the crane here!

Rhebeca acting silly:)

These two layouts look like they are identical but if you look closely they are pretty different. The first one below is for Rhebeca's photo book that I'm making for
her. The second one is Tyler's picture. I have so many pictures to scrapbook that
I will need to live to be at least 90 to get all my scrapbooks of the grandkids completed.
I am just taking my time and enjoying the process of being creative

I had a pretty decent day today. I ran several errands and got pretty tired doing that. But overall I can see that I'm gaining strength little by little. I am even getting dressed more often.

My feet are even a little bit betterl I got the anodyne unit today and have used it all ready a couple of times. I'm hoping if I do it more often that the healing will take place even quicker. The lady from the company told me it can be used for headaches, knee pain and neck pain. Wherever you're having pain the unit can be used for almost any type of pain.

A cute grandchild story before I close. My Mom & Dad sent Kael some money in his birthday card. His Mom asked him what he's going to with his money. Are you going to buy something with it? He said no. are you going to put it in your bank? He said no. He thought for a little bit and then said I think I'll buy a bus and some bugs:)

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