Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My latest scrapbook page
I will have several pages to go with this one because
from this one photo it's not real obvious it's cutting
down a Christmas tree but I should have the others
done soon. For you scrapbookers I used Bazzill personal favorite and Basic Grey Blitzen.
I just love the Basic Grey line. They are so unique and artsy.

The camping trip
Our daughter and her husband and little Jacob spent their vacation this summer
camping at Hot Springs Arkansas. It was really hot when they tent camped the
first two nights. After that they rented a cabin at a KOA and it had an air conditioner
so they were able to be cool when they slept. Jacob did pretty well camping for the
first time. He slept between his Mom & Dad in his own sleeping bag and liked putting
his face on top of Mommy's face....lucky Mommy....what a fun way to sleep:)

Helping himself to some breakfast
Eric and Kristi drove the volkswagon bus to their trip.
They had no air conditioning and it was SO hot. Kristi
said it wasn't too bad.

Home away from home!

Camping in the age of technology!

In the first picture, Jacob is watching a movie on the dvd player

and in the second picture he is watching cartoons on his Mom's

ipod. Camping has come a long way.....but I'm not one to talk about

r0ughing it. My idea of roughing it is camping in our motorhome with

air conditioning, comfortable couches and bed.

This blog can be frustrating at times. I was dong fine today. The pictures downloaded right away and everything was working and then above the last two pictures it decided to double space the lines. I have no idea why. If anyone knows how to change that, please leave me a comment.

As far as my feet continue to give me problems For the last couple of weeks I've had to go in for therapy with the anodyne unit every day. I really could do it twice a day and probably get relief faster. It is helping though...even though I still have pain. When I started the anodyne therapy all my toes and the ball of my foot were numb and burning and now it's only my big toes and the toe next to my big toes. That's a huge improvement. It's kind of interesting because I can feel things happening when I'm getting the treatment. I can feel some shooting pains and then my foot will start to itch. The therapist said that's a good sign that it's working. Thanks to my Mom and Dad for their help I will be getting my own unit probably tomorrow. I can use it on my feet every 4 hours. I really think that will speed up the healing. It can also be used for migraines, low back pain and any joint that is causing problems.

Whenever the back pain starts of some new back pain starts I get very scared. I'm afraid that it will stay with me and the morphine pump won't help. Last night I got pain down my left leg. It lasted for a little over an hour and tried walking around and changing positions and it finally went away...thank goodness:)

Rhebeca starts 2nd grade today. I hope it goes well for her and she likes her teacher and she is treated well. I think it was Monday that Tyler was the "helper" in his class and I'm sure he loved being the helper. His mind is just constantly working and he loves to learn. When he plays a game on the computer or otherwise he always wants to try the hard version rather than the easy one. My Mom taught him about japanese beetles this summer and he was very impressed that they eat the plants. He is always looking for traces of them outside. A couple days ago he was walking out the door when he noticed our plants were cut down. He said...WOW!!! Look what the japanese beetles did to those plants. I had to explain to him that Grandpa Wayne cut them down because they were getting so big that they were covering the sidewalk.

I tried and tried to upload the scrapbook page this morning. I switched from AOL to Internet Explorer. I finally got so frustrated that I went into the group help and someone said to download the Firefox browser and it will take care of the problem. Sure enough it did take care of it. The picture loaded the very first time I tried it! If anyone is interested in downloading Firefox here is the link.

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