Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rhebeca, the poser
Rhebeca came over to our house one day last week and
was looking for items she needed for a slumber party
she is having. She has planned and made things all week
for this party. She is calling it a movie premier because they will
be watching "The Cheetah Girls" or some name close to that. I
don't think I even knew there were movie premiers when
I was her age. She tried to get everything cheetah theme but settled
on cats and tinkerbell. When we were looking for some
things she needed we came across this long piece of fur. She right
away put it around her neck like a boa and posed for
these pictures. Since the time she was a little thing about
a year old she knew how to pose for the camera and
this Grandma takes advantage of those times!

I was so excited that for 2 days my feet were a little better. Yesterday I didn't have any pain at all and today the pain has come back full force. This neuropathy is a nasty thing to have. Now that the morphine pump is working well and I can get out of back pain these feet have to start in. The anodyne therapy really helps and I'm just praying that the insurance will approve the home unit.
Tomorrow I go to the dentist again. If you remember...the last dentist "fired" me...I guess that's the best way of putting it. He had to give me 12 shots for 2 teeth and still didn't get me numb. I know he was very frustrated and went over the alloted time and had people waiting on him but it still doesn't make it right to drill on someone and hit the nerve time and time again without the patient being numb. It only adds to the nervousness I feel when I go to the dentist. The dentist I see tomorrow does sedation dentistry so I just hope it works for me. Here's crossing my fingers:)
The second glance I took of Rhebeca's picture I noticed the messy bedroom in back of her. You can see a little bit of my recliner where I sleep and rest. I love that our windows have a marble shelf and it comes in handy to have that shelf for all my little things like glasses of water, finger nail file and all the other little necessities of life.

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