Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tyler's first day of kindergarten
Both of Tyler's parents went with him for his first day of school. They
thought he seemed happy to go to school. He is in a brand new building
that they are still working on. Here he is lined up with his classmates.
Tyler gave both of his parents a kiss as they left him there. Katie said
they thought a kiss in front of his friends wouldn't last too many more
years! It reminded of me when I took Alan to kindergarten. I went into
the room with him and was getting ready to leave and Alan yelled out
so everyone could hear it...Hey Mommy, aren't you going to kiss
me good-bye??
Getting ready to go in to the school building
All lined up and ready to get started .
Caden had to wear his backpack too and walk in
with his big brother!

The pain in my feet has finally let up just slightly. I will still be ready to go into therapy and have the anodyne therapy again tomorrow. All the paperwork is in to the anodyne company and they will be filing it with insurance and hopefully they'll pay for a home unit.

All day yesterday and still today I felt like I had a bladder infection. I decided I didn't want to wait till Monday so went to WalMart's new med center. They have a nurse practitioner that works in there. She did the test and sure enough I have a bladder infection. It's just always something. I think maybe that's why I've felt kind of rotten for a few days.

Yesterday was my pump refill and the first time I worked with my doctor's associate. He was just as knowledgable and friendly as Dr. Grove. I asked him about medicine for break through pain. He said as long as that's how I use it, that's fine. He said do not be using it every day. Use it only when I'm doing a special Monday going to the dentist. It will be more effective that way and I won't build up a tolerance for it and need a stronger medicine. Made sense to me. I told him that's what I'd do so he wrote a script for vicodin.

Katie's husband is gone and helping a friend drive home from a job in New York. She went out to a movie with her girlfriends last night...they all got babysitters and enjoyed their "free" night out. Well, Katie's purse got stolen at the movie and it had her cell phone, car keys with the house key on it, garage door opener, credit cards and her social security number. She was so upset and worried that someone would try to come into her house now. Please keep her in your prayers as I will be doing that she will be safe from harm.

Rhebeca, if you are reading this, I tried to get the pictures I took of you loaded on tonight but had trouble with it...I don't know why but I will get them on tomorrow...I wouldn't forget about you:)

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