Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Katie (our daughter) and Eutemia (our daughter-in-law)
Rhebeca and Tyler
Rhebeca and Tyler are cousins and great friends that enjoy
each others company. They don't really have a lot in
common but they can always find something imaginative
to do!

Proof of their friendship...could anything be more touching?

Burger King Play room
Caden enjoying the slide.


Today was Tyler's first day of kindergarten. He is going in the mornings and is in a brand new school.

His Mom told him he could pick the place to go out to lunch today. He picked Burger King and their indoor

playground and I got to come along! His Mom kept trying to get him to open up about what he did today

and he had the typical kid answer of I don't know and I don't remember. I told Katie she better start

getting used to it because it only gets worse. He did say that they took a tour of the building and his

teacher read to them and they sang...he know all that boring stuff:)

This blog can get very frustrating at times. Although, it's usually not the computer but the user. I don't know why it decided to double space under the caption of Tyler's picture. I don't know how to change it so it will just stay the way it is.

My feet were so bad last night with that burning pain that I had trouble sleeping. I have a unit called "The Rebuilder" and I tried using that last night and it made my feet even worse. I went for therapy this afternoon and told the therapist and he thought that maybe the unit is undoing all the good that the anodyne is doing. In a half hours time of sitting there with these pads on my feet and legs all the pain goes away. Tonight I have just a tiny bit of pain...nothing like last night.


mischief said...


was just surfing the net and came across your blog... i found it really cool that u have a blog to do scrapbooking on... your family really seems wonderful, especially the kids! they are so cute! haha... all the best with your scrapbooking and don't give up when the blogsite doesn't wanna accept your pictures! God bless! (",)


Rebecca said...

Thank you Esther. Are you a scrapbooker too? I see you live in singapore. Are you a missionary or a native of that country? I checked out your blog and it was very interesting.