Saturday, August 05, 2006

Jacob in Lake Michigan
When Kristi and Jacob visited Indiana last week she met her mother-in-law
in New Buffalo, Michigan and spent the night at a condo right on the lake.
It had been extremely hot for quite a while so Lake Michigan was warmer
than normal. The water looks so refreshing...I'd love to jump right in!!

Rhebeca at her tennis lessons
Rhebeca has had a good time learning many different things this summer. One of
those things was learning to play tennis. She has also taken horseback riding
lessons and gone to cheerleading camp at Bethel College. She is at an age
where she may want to find the thing that interests her most and start
putting her time and effort into learning that one thing well. She certainly
has a great form here in the picture below. (I don't know anything about
tennis...only that she looks straight/tall)

Caden enjoying some of that good ole' Indiana sweet corn

There's nothing better in the summer than good Indiana sweet corn. It will be just a

few weeks where the corn is good and we try to take advantage of it when it's ripe!! Caden is

enjoying his sweet corn in the following pictures...he is also enjoying acting like a little

clown!! He would take a bite of corn and then start fake burping. I would tell him to

say excuse me and he'd say "scuze me" and laugh like he thought he was

pretty funny!!

Rhebeca enjoying some of that Indiana sweet corn!

I have been extremely exhausted this week. Partly because I've been having trouble sleeping and I am sleep deprived and partly because of trying to catch up from being so busy over the weekend! Another reason I was tired today is because I got my feelings hurt by someone and had a very hard time getting over it. Things like that can bring on the chronic fatigue. I cried for a couple of hours and finally worked myself out of it. I guess we all have our days like that.

I have another pump refill 2 weeks from today (or actually yesterday now) I will have to see my doctor's associate and sure hope I will like him as well as Dr. Grove. Dr. Grove has been so patient with me and so thorough in answering my questions. I am going to request one of two things when I go in there. I would like to ask for either a bolus in the morning and evening (a bolus is an increase in the amount of morphine at a certain time of day) or ask for something for break through pain for times when I want to do things with our grandkids or kids or parents, etc. and I need a little extra pain control. Dr. Grove has not wanted to give breakthrough medication but every doctor has a different methods.

I have fallen asleep about 7-8 times while writing this and downloading the pictures. I will read it tomorrow and correct the errors but for tonight...what you see is what you get. I have fallen asleep several times and one time my finger hit the wrong button and erased everything including the pictures. I think I will post this now before any erasing happens again:)

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