Sunday, October 29, 2006

Caden and Tyler recently had their first visit to the pediatric dentist, Dr. Johns. He is the same dentist I took their Mommy to when she was a little girl. What amazed me most about these pictures is how much Dr. Johns has aged. It's probably been about 20 years since I saw him. I don't think I've changed at all...(ha ha!!) but he sure has. Caden had his teeth counted and Tyler had his teeth cleaned.

This is our daughter, Kristi, and her son Jacob. They went on a hayride with the MOPS group. And, in the next picture is Jacob petting the pony. Kristi said he kept running back to pet the pony. Maybe he has that love of horses in his genes. I know I sure love and loved horses. When I was a young girl I would go to sleep at night just dreaming of how much fun it would be to have a horse. When I was about 10 my grandparents bought me a horse. They got it at an auction and it must have been drugged. It was so quiet when I rode it there at the auction and was terrible when we got home. It would try to rub me off on the fence and just plain acted nasty but I didn't care...I had a horse. Jacob's Mommy sure loved horses too:)
Yesterday was a very rough day. I went into withdrawal from changing the medication in my pump. Being a Saturday the doctor's office was closed but I got an after hours number and called it and was shocked...the doctor called me back in less than 5 minutes. That happened when I had the pump implaned and had a few problems. That was Thanksgiving weekend and they also returned the call right away during that busy holiday weekend.

I am doing a little bit better today. No more withdrawals. Now I have to figure out if this is handling my pain adequately. If not, they said to come back in and they would increase the medicine some. My main complaint today has been my feet. I can go for weeks with no problems at all and then all of a sudden they are burning like crazy. I just hope it doesn't last long. I have used the anodyne treatment 3 times today and will do it one more time before I go to sleep.

Tyler came over here last Monday for a while. We were asking him about his trip that he took to Aunt Kristi , Uncle Eric and Jacob's house and then they went on to West Virginia to visit a vending broker. Wayne and I have been there before and told Tyler we had been there. He asked right away..."Did you see that dead deer?" We both thought that was so cute but didn't let him know we were a little bit amused. Wayne explained to him that the deer he saw dead probably wasn't even born about 5 years ago. He understood...he's a very bright little guy and catches on to things that are way past his 5 years.

Rhebeca called last week to let us know she got a part in her Christmas program. She will be singing with a small group!! I can't wait to go watch. I'll be there whether I'm having a good day or not. I missed the talent show last year because I was having the pump implanted. I didn't want to miss it but I had a deadline...the doctor's office was no longer going to accept Anthem insurance as of Dec 1st and my surgery date was Nov. 17th!

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