Monday, October 30, 2006

Tyler's kindergarten picture. I just love those freckles. I used to hate my freckles so I keep telling him how cute they are so hopefully he'll believe it:)

There are a lot of colds going around here that just seem to hang on for weeks and weeks. Tyler, Caden and Katie have all had it and I've been surprised that I hadn't got it yet. Well, I got it!!! Starting last night I was chilling and aching all over. This morning when I woke up I couldn't breathe and felt like a truck had run over me. I always tease Wayne when I feel like that and ask him not to run over me with his truck at night:)

The rheumatologist's office called today and talked to Wayne...not sure why??...maybe it was call waiting. Anyway, my liver enzymes are elevated so they are going to want to cut me back on the medicine. I guess it's good/bad news. I think the medicine has helped some and cutting back might bring back all the joint pain but I can't sacrifice my liver for that!! I am supposed to call them the time I called tonight they had all ready left the office.

Katie told me a cute story about Tyler. Tyler brought home a paper explaining a wrestling program for kids K-6th grades. She explained that he enjoyed wrestling with Daddy on the floor...would you like to join a group at school that will teach you how to wrestle. He said .."Oh no, that would be too dangerous!" Smart little guy there if you ask me.

Alan took Rhebeca and a friend to the haunted house last night. She has talked about going to the haunted house now for 2 weeks. I even went over it with her that they wouldn't touch her...they might scare her but wouldn't touch her. She thought they would grab her and take her to another place but I told her I was sure they couldn't do something like that. The 3 of them got there and Alan asked one more time..."Are you sure you want to go into the haunted house? Won't you be too scared?" She assured him she'd go. He bought the tickets...I think they were $8-$10 a piece (I'm not the best listener:). They got to the haunted house and she wouldn't budge. Instead now she wanted to go in the maze. He bought tickets for the maze...after making sure she would go on this now and not change her mind...he bought the tickets and guess what? She got too scared to go into the maze too. Alan said he dropped $ 40 for nothing last night. He said he had to keep reminding himself that she's just 8 years old. She seems older at times because she's so tall but inside she's still a little girl. I can't say I blame her at all for being scared...I doubt that I'd be able to go through the haunted house either...I'd be to scared!! Beca, if you're reading this I think you're the greatest and there's nothing wrong with being scared of something:)

I heard some news tonight that is really sad. When Alan was in nursery school (3 years old) the teacher asked me if I would pick up one of the children whose mother didn't have a car. She would pay me $3 a week to take him to school and back home. I agreed and got to know the family quite well. The mother was from Japan. She was such a sweet person. We would take turns having the boys over to play at each others houses. It just so happened that they had a daughter a year younger than Kristi and they became good friends too. Well, I heard tonight that the mother comitted suicide on Thursday of last week. She had been in chronic pain with ataxia. The way I understand ataxia is that it is a degeneration of the central nervouse system. It affects balance, the hands and even the ability to swallow food. It also affects the spinal cord and the cerebellum in the brain. It sounds like a horrible disease. I'm so sorry she felt so miserable as to end her life although...I can say that I totally understand her desperation. If it hadn't been for this pain pump I might have felt like doing the same thing myself. It is so hard and hard isn't even a strong enough word to live in constant pain. I still have pain but I can get relief from it by changing positions and sitting in a comfortable chair. She was a beautiful woman inside and out and I'm sure she will be greatly missed by her family.

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