Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rhebeca, "bat girl"
She was a good looking bat girl..don't know if she fought any crime but she sure looked the part!
Rhebeca and her friend, Cayla
I think Cayla was Wonder Woman..they made a good pair. Cayla is about 3 years older than Beca and lives next door. They have good times together. It's always nice to have a good friend and other kids have always loved Rhebeca. Rhebeca will probably remember that when they were moving from Greenwood to here that Rhebeca didn't want to leave her friends and I kept telling her that she makes friends so easily and sure enough it didn't take her long to have a long list of friends!

Kaleb, the cutest little skeleton you've ever seen.

Kaleb is only a year old and it's so unusual that he loved his costume and didn't even beg to have his mask off. I will say as a Grandma with no prejudice (ha ha!!) that he is a really bright little guy. Wayne was holding him when he came here and said something about the alphabet and he started saying letters. He has also talked in sentences now for several months.

Kael, a scary monster (or is it a ghost??)
Kael and his brother, Kaleb (from above picture) enjoyed getting candy for Halloween. Alan said Kael was never more shocked when he went to the door and people started putting candy in his bag...after that he was all into Halloween. The next morning their sleepy pregnant Mommy fell back asleep and woke up to find candy on her stomach and 2 little boys covered in chocolate:) How cute...especially when I don't have to clean it up!

Kael that's no scary face...only cute!!

Caden, the monkey

Caden's Mommy saw this monkey costume and thought it fit her little "monkey" quite well. He also liked the idea of getting candy. He and his brother also got into their Halloween candy the next morning.

Tyler, the policeman

First we had Batwoman and Wonder-woman and now we have a police officer. Good thing we didn't try to go out and teepee someone that night. I had little bags made up for each of the kids with some "big" candy bars and a little toy for each of them. Tyler wanted a transformer (and picked it out at WalMart a few hours earlier).

Tyler with Grandpa Wayne

Caden and Tyler

Bye bye little monkey! Enjoy your candy!!

I will post pictures of our other grandson tomorrow night. I'm getting a little tired tonight and it's so time consumimg to download the pictures.

I had a little bad news this week. The rheumatologist's office called and said some of my blood test results were elevated and she wants to cut me back on the medicine (the methotrexate). That was really disturbing news since I'd only been taking the medicine for a month. I am to cut back on the medicine and then repeat the blood test. I sure hope those levels go back down. This medicine has had very few side effects that I can notice and it's helped the joints a little big.

I took Tyler to the store with me yesterday and was reminded of a story my Mom told several years ago. My Mom took our son Alan to the grocery store when he was about Tyler's age (5 years old). She remembers when she got home she counted the things he talked her into. I think it was around 20 items. Tyler..the next generation...did it to me yesterday. I know he was hungry when we went there and should have gotten him something from a driveup but didn't. Some of the things he talked me into are strawberries (he wanted cut up pineapple but it was $5.99), 2 tubes of for my house and one for his, a new toothbrush to keep at my house, 2 bags of cookies (I never buy cookies), a 6 pack of juice, cereal, a chocolate muffin, a starbucks strawberry frappachino (Sp?), a magazine with puzzles in it, and a few other things I can't remember right now. I told him he would make a good salesman but don't think he really knows what that is.

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