Friday, November 03, 2006

Jacob, the big (ok, little) green monster

Here are Jacob and his Mommy!
Jacob's Mommy thought she picked the perfect costume for Jacob...a monster!!!
We have teased all week talking about the "little monster". It's is a really cute costume courtesy of eBay.

Trick or treat...I want candy!
Did I get any of the "good stuff?"

Jacob on the big pumpkin...Kristi said the neighbors make a pumpkin out of a bale of hay every year. She said Jacob wasn't so sure he liked it up that high. He likes to climb but this was a little too high for comfort.
I had a decent day today. I picked Tyler up from school and he stayed here for several hours. I think I've got him good and spoiled....I asked him what he wanted to eat when we picked him up both yesterday and today and he said an ice cream cone. Yesterday it was a medium and today it was a large and he ate every bite of it except for the ice cream that got on his nose...I missed a good photo opportunity because we were playing a game and I didn't think of it. Yesterday when I went to WalMart I bought a couple of new games to play with the kids. I am getting a little tired of the ones we have now. My Mom taught Tyler how to play rummikub so I think I'll dig that up out of the basement. He's a little young but he's got a quick mind for learning.

I asked him today if he played with his new friend at recess. He said he did...I asked him what his friends name was and he didn't know. He said we just call each other "buddy". How cute! I just love this age (5 , almost 6) ..they are so cute and what they say is just priceless. Yesterday I asked Tyler for a couple of his school papers to put on a scrapbook page and now he gives me all of them. That's all right. I will make a pocket page and just put them all in the pocket. I'll be sure and post it when I get it done....but don't hold your might take a while.

My doctor's office called today. It's becoming a little scary when they call me now. They made an appointment to have a spot taken off my face. I had one just like it a year ago and it was pre-cancerous and I'm sure this is the same except it is a little bigger and it never heals over...just an open sore. It's not big but it's best to get it off. I've been putting it off and decided now is the time. When I was talking to the nurse she said that I needed to go back in for a repeat mammogram. It scared me to death! I told her I'd gone I need to go a 3rd time? She looked at my chart and thank goodness had overlooked the report from my 2nd mammogram.

I go to a specialty shoe store in South Bend. With the swelling in my ankles and feet it's been almost impossible to find shoes to fit. I'd worn the same sandals all summer and now would have to get something a little warmer. After trying on several shoes with no success in fittinig the lady decided to measure my foot. I have always worn between an 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 medium. This time with all the swelling I measured a petite 10 1/2 double E. No wonder none of my shoes fit! I had to take one pair back and she ordered another pair. In the meantime I had nothing to wear and she showed me the shoes they had that were a lot like crocs. I tried them on and it felt like I was walking on a cloud. I can't wear socks with them yet because it makes my feet burn but these shoes are sure warmer than sandals. I called them today to order some in black and then I'd just forget the other shoe she ordered.

While all three of our children were growing up we made sure that they got to spend time with their friends and it seems we were always picking up someone or taking them home. They formed some very good friendships and we got close to many of their friends and their parents as well. Our son had a good friend that didn't use good judgement in a situation about a year ago and yesterday he was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Our son was so saddened by this and I know it had to be so hard to be there...but his friend and his parents needed that support. Alan said he did fine until his friend's father broke down sobbing. My heart aches for them tonight. It's one of those things, as a parent, you wish you will never have happen. Wayne and I were talking about it and I said here I am so glad to get all three kids raised and with very little trouble and I think I'm done worrying. Then along come 6 grandkids (soon to be 7) that just wrap themselves right around my heart and I'm worrying all over again. Thank goodness for prayer.

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