Saturday, October 28, 2006

Yesterday was my pump refill. I have to have it filled about every 6-7 weeks. They always give me an option of a date close to running low or a little earlier. I always pick the earlier date. Anyway, I've had enough refills now that I know they don't hurt and it's just something that has to be done. During my visit for the last pump refill I had talked to the doctor and together we decided that this time we would try a different medication in the pump. I went from morphine to dilaudid. Dilaudid is the strongest of all the opiate pain killers. We are hoping it will help with my ability to stand in one place and in walking. I think they said it will take like 26 1/2 hours for the new medicine to start taking effect. The old med has to work its way through the catheter.

I had a new nurse help with the refill yesterday and they told me she is best at changing the medication. The pump has to be cleared of the old medicine and washed twice with saline solution. She told me she likes to stick a person with the needle only once. So, she actually grabbed onto the pump through my skin and ran her fingers around it to find the catheter port. It didn't really hurt at the time because she had given me a local anesthetic in the area. When I got home I kept having this nagging burning at the pump site. I was worried it might be starting to become infeted. Well I looked at it and it's completely black and blue where the pump is and around the surrounding area. It hurt so bad last night that I had trouble sleeping!

I couldn't figure out why the skin around the pump hurt so bad last night. I was getting dressed a while ago and noticed that all along the pump site the skin is blistered, puple and spots of red irritation. I love my doctor's office and think they're the best but everyone can make a mistake. I weill be letting them know on Monday what happened so the same nurse doesn't do that to someeone else.

About 24 hours to the dot from the time they refilled the pump I started to get sick. I had diahrrea, stomach cramps, a headcache and sweating profusely. I called the after hours number for the clinic and told them I needed to talk to the doctor on call. He called me back within 5 minutes. They are so good at getting back with you when there is a problem. Anyway, he talked to me and I explained my symptoms. He said it most likely is withdrawals. Most people don't have a problem but occasionaly someone does...and I do! I'll type more later...getting sick to my stomach again.

I had my repeat mammogram done on Thursday. The radiologist read the x-ray while I waited. He said that there is a mass of tissue but it doesn't look like anything to worry about. Just to be ont he safe side he wants me back in 6 months to see if there's been any change.

I had my eyes checked on Wednesday. I have always gone to the South Bend Clinic but decided to try to find someone in our home town. I looked in the yellow pages and found a clinic associated with one in South Bend that has several optometrists and also several opthomologists on their staff. I went in for my exam o Wednesday of this week and found out I have a little too much pressure in the eye...a sign of glaucoma. It is not enough to treat at this point and they dilated my eyes and looked at the optic nerve and everything else in my eye looks fine!

Check back laster today. I will be adding some pictures!!

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