Sunday, October 22, 2006

Steve and Katie and the boys left Memphis today and are headed for West Virginia. It's a good thing that they're young and can do things that older people wouldn't dream of trying. The last thing Wayne and I tried like that was to drive straight through to Denver, Colorado, ski for 2-21/2 days and drive sraight home. It would have been an 18 hour drive home but it turned into an ice storm and it took more like 30 hours to get home. I can still remember how exhausted I was when we finally got home.

I talked to Kristi after they left and she hated to see them go. She said the kids had such a good time together. Caden and Jacob called each other baby. I'm surprised that Caden would let Jacob call him baby w/o correcing him because if we do he says..."I not baby, I big boy!"

I had a decent day today. I didn't do much except get some groceries and some more dog food so we won't run out before Belle goes home:)

Tyler, Halloween 2005
Tyler had a hard time deciding what he wanted to be last year and finally decided on a race car driver...without the hat. He is so shy when his school did programs that he wouldn't talk or sing so it would only fit that he wouldn't want to wear something outrageous or attention-getting for Halloween.

I am still having trouble with scanning and getting the whole page on the scanner. I cut off the bottom page today and the top of the page yesterday but at least you can get the idea of the layout.

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