Friday, October 20, 2006

Our son saw the neurologist this week regarding his low back problems. The doctor told him about a new procedure called x-stop. It is a very simple surgery and is done with local anesthetic. It widens the area where the disc is and holds it in place with this little titanium piece of metal. It is reversible unlike a fusion. He sees another surgeon on Monday for another opinion on it. I am excited because it sounds like something that might help my pain some. I have an appointment with the surgeon at the end of November. I would probably still need the morphine pump but maybe it could help me to stand and walk a little more.

While I am still trying to digest and accept the news about the rheumatoid arthritis I get another blow today. I got a letter from the hospital that did my mammogram that said they saw something suspicious and want to do a repeat on one side. That was the last bit of news I needed to hear. I just feel numb tonight. Hopefully it's nothing but my mind can't help but think of the other scenario also. I don't know if I'd even be strong enough to withstand chemotherapy. I guess I will cross that bridge when it comes. Until then I just really feeling down. I get the mammogram done on Thursday.

I keep our appointments on post-it notes and put them on top of the desk where the computer is. It is starting to get pretty full up there with all my appointments.

The next big thing is getting a blood test to see what...if anything ...the methotrexate (for the rheumatoid arthritis) is doing to me. They especially check kidney and liver function. I sure hope that comes out normal!!

My latest scrapbook project
For some reason the scanner cut off the top of my layout...there really is a top to the letters that say..."AT THE":) I am just begining to scrapbook last years fall/halloween pictures. Just in time to work on another set this year! Hopefully I'll have another layout to post tomorrow.

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