Thursday, October 19, 2006

Katie, Steve, Tyler and Caden drove 10 hours to see Eric, Kristi & Jacob yesterday. They made it there about 2:00 am. Kristi called this morning to make sure I knew they got there safe cause being the "old grandma" that I am I was worried the one driving might fall asleep that time of day. Kristi said that Steve and Katie went right to sleep....but a little while later she started to hear noises. Then she heard Tyler say..."Caden, we need to find a flashlight." Kristi got up and saw that Tyler and Caden were playing with the toys. She told them where to play so they wouldn't wake up Eric (who had to work the next day) or Jacob (who, because he's a little guy needs his rest:) When Kristi got up this morning she said it looked like they got out every single toy...must have looked exciting to them. She said Tyler only got about a half hours sleep last night...he was just so excited to be there. This morning he was building train tracks and block creations for Jacob. Kristi said Jacob would try to do the same thing as Tyler so maybe he'll learn a little bit about building in the next few days!!

I don't even have to look out the window when I wake up to know that it's damp outside. I have been in more pain than usual today and that's the reason why. It's damp and rainy and even with heat and air conditioning I can feel the humidity. I'm probably more accurae than the doppler radar the news is always talking about.

The following 3 pictures are of Rhebeca and Kael at their 8th and 3rd birthdays. Kael was the first one to start eating like a little puppy dog and get his face all messy and Rhebeca followed right along. She just had a tiny bit of frosting on her face when her Mom said..."Beca, look at that flower on your cake." She looked and her Mom pushed her face into the cake. For just a split second she looked like she was going to get upset with her Mom and then was a good sport and started laughing. All of us watching got a real show!

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