Saturday, November 11, 2006

Let's play games!!
I am fortunate enough that Tyler and Caden live in our same town so I get to see them often. I can't watch them both for long periods of time...several hours and I need a break.

Tyler loves to play games on the computer but his parents want to limit his time playing computer games because it changes his behavior. This isn't something new to Wayne and I. When Alan was smaller ...about Tyler's age...we had an Atari game system. Alan loved to play the games but we had to limit the time because it too would change his behavior and not for the better.

I had to think of someting that isn't physically demanding that I could do when the grandkids came over and one of those things is games. I've been getting a new game about every week and finally have a pretty good stock.

Below, Tyler is playing the latest new game, Pirates Cove. We had quite a time putting it together but once we did we had a good time playing it. As you can see it's resting on a platform...that is so the keys can hang off the board. The platform kept coming loose so finally I taped it and that worked!!!

The first thing Caden usually does when he comes here is to get out a game. He loves to play the games or at least give it a try. The game he is playing here is a makeup game for the Bratz dolls. As you can see, Caden isn't quite ready to be a makeup artist. He is really too young to understand the rules to games but plays them "his way".
This past week has been a pretty difficult week for me physically. First, I had to cut back on the methotrexate becuase my lab work showed my liver enzymes were elevated and that was with only taking it 4 weeks. Well, a few days after cutting back on the medicine the joint pain started to returnl I called their office yesterday and they want me to come in Tuesday and the doctor will probably change my medicine.

My back pain has also been worse this last week. The doctor changed the medicine in my pump on October 27th. He said to give it a little bit and the medicine may have to be tweaked and raised some. I cannot even walk from the bedroom to the kitchen w/o the pain becoming unbearable. I just don't think this is right. I should be able to stand/walk across the house. He told me if I didn't think this was enough med from the pump to give their office a call if I think I nneed it raised. So, first thing Monday morning that is my priority.

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