Monday, November 13, 2006

When Katie came to pick up Tyler this afternoon Caden wanted to come inside with her. It makes me feel so good because he's always so excited to see me:) He was wearing his new pajamas. Katie said she let him pick out the pajamas he wanted at the store yesterday. He picked some with cars on them from the movie that was out not long ago. Katie said Caden refused to get dressed this morning...he wanted to wear his pajamas. Katie let him wear them and I'm glad she did.

I asked Katie if she remembered her wardrobe in 3rd grade. Every day she wore these black sweat pants to school. I had to keep buying more because they get looking baggy and just a little crummy looking. I think they were very comfortable to her. She said she remembers well:) I believe it is also the year she discovered hair spray and she would get her bangs kinda high...we used to call them "mall bangs". Then she would spray the bangs till even a tornado coming through wouldn't move them.

Tomorrow I go see the rheumatologist. When I called her office and told them the pain was worse after cutting back on the medicne she wanted to see me. The nurse talked like she will be putting me on a different medicine.

I also called the pain doctor's office this morning. I told them that the pain is so bad that I can't even walk from one end of the house to the other without horrofic pain. They thought he would go ahead and give an increase and I sure hope it is enough of an increase to help with the pain!

Rhebeca at 6 years old

I have had the paper and embellishments to do this layout for several weeks now. I ran across the picture this morning and decided to start scrapbooking. Well, Tyler came over this afternoon and saw the stickers and paper and wanted to make his own project with them. I told him that I bought them for a special project so he wanted to help me make it. It took a lot of patience to have a little guy that isn't real accurate yet help me but he felt so proud that he wanted to do more scrapbooking. He then made a page with him and Caden. I love this paper and the stickers. On the back of the sticker sheet is an example of how the pages can be scrapbooked. I almost followed it completely...just changed a little big. I think I'll have to look for more of these projects.

We Are Family
Think this picture was taken around Easter. It is Alan and Eutemia's beautiful family. In case you can't read the names on top of the pictures they are from left to right Rhebeca, Kael and Kaleb. They are all very bright children with such distinct and unique personalities. Kael and Kaleb don't look much like brothers but they sure do play like brothers. I love the quote..."A Friend is a Brother who once was a Bother. " Beca may find this hard to believe at times but I kow underneath she loves her brothers. She's a little MaMa to Kaleb:)

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