Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We are still in Rochester, Minnesota and I just finished my thorough checkup at Mayo Clinic. I have been tested, scanned, x-rayed, poked and prodded with about every test that could possibly be relevant to the swelling of my feet and legs.

Here is the conclusion:

I have passed all the tests. The reason for the swelling is a multiple of factors. I need to lose weight is the first thing many of the doctors told me. I need to exercise to push the fluid out of my legs...there is no other way to get rid of the swelling. And, the most surprising...my sleep or lack of sleep is a big factor in the swelling. I cannot explain why and they really didn't explain why to me. I have a mild form of sleep apnea but not bad enough to wear the cpap at night. In fact, I had the sleep test last night and the cpap made the apnea worse because I paniced because of feeling so closed in with that mask over my nose. I had 6 incidents of apnea an hour before the cpap and 38 an hour with the cpap. Wayne and I talked to the sleep doctor for quite a while and the thing that needs to change is my sleep habits. I got into bad habits when the back pain was so bad (before the pump). I couldn't sleep then because of the pain. I continued watching TV, playing games on the computer and scrapbooking all night long after the pump when the pain got better. I also slept so much better in the hospital bed than I ever have in the recliner. My feet were raised higher than the recliner thus keeping the swelling down and it was just more comfortable. The sleep doctor said the changes took a long time to start and I should expect it to be slow turning them around.

So, I have to:
1. Lose weight
2. Try to exercise (only possibility is in a pool)
3. Change my sleep habits.

Sounds easy but will take a lot of effort on my part. I think as I do these I will feel better and that is worth the effort. I have had 2 good nights of sleep here the last two nights and the swelling has been minimal. I still have a lot of numbness in my toes and I will address that with my pain doctor when I see him for the next pump refill.

I am so anxious to get home and see my house even though I left it pretty dirty and then to see my family.

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