Friday, May 18, 2007

Mothers Day was special in that my family made me feel special...but...I didn't get to go to the dinner and was SO disappointed. I was just feeling too sick. Another thing is that I woke up with muscle spasms in my low back so had to take a muscle relaxer and that kind of knocked me out.

Here are the defintion and the syptoms of cellulitis...

Definition of CellulitisCellulitis is a diffuse, spreading skin infection.

Description of CellulitisCellulitis is a skin infection that sometimes accompanies damage to the skin, poor circulation, or diabetes. Streptococcal or staphylococcal bacteria enter the skin through a cut, puncture, ulcer, or sore, producing enzymes that break down the skin cells. Erysipelas is a superficial form of cellulitis.
Infants are particularly susceptible to buccal cellulitis, an infection of the skin on the cheek. The infection is characterized by skin discoloration and swelling and is more often misdiagnosed as a bruise. It is caused by any substance that may cause injury to the buccal mucosa, such as popsicles and ice cubes, and prolonged exposure of infants to low temperature. Other infections that are commonly mistaken as buccal cellulitis include erysipelas, severe impetigo, and insect bites.
Orbital cellulitis is a rare, acute infection of the eye socket. It affects primarily children, and the onset is rapid and severe. Bacteria enter the orbit of the eye, often from an infection in the sinuses, a boil on the eye or eyelid, or a foreign object. The soft tissue lining becomes infected. In most cases only one eye is affected. This is an acute and dangerous infection and may require hospitalization and antibiotic treatment.

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Causes and Risk Factors of CellulitisThe lower extremities are the most common site of infection. A skin abnormality (e.g., skin trauma, ulceration, tinea pedis, or dermatitis) often precedes the infection. Scars from saphenous vein removal for cardiac or vascular surgery are common sites for recurrent cellulitis, especially if tinea pedis is present. Frequently, however, no predisposing condition or site of entry is evident.
Streptococcus pyogenes is the most common cause of superficial cellulitis with diffuse spread of infection. Staphylococcus aureus occasionally produces a superficial cellulitis typically less extensive that of streptococcal origin and usually only in association with an open wound or cutaneous abscess. Cellulitis occurring after animal bites may be caused by other bacteria, especially Pasteurella multocida from dogs and cats.

Symptoms of CellulitisIn cellulitis, the skin becomes red and swollen and is both warm and painful to the touch and is sometimes accompanied by fever, malaise, chills, and headache.

I have tried to push myself this week but I just have NO energy at all. Then my mind plays games with itself...I begin to think I'm just lazy because I don't get anything done but reading this article makes me feel a little bit better. I keep hoping that tomorrow will be better.

I did manage to go with Rhebeca to her open house at her school. What a privilege that was. I could tell that all her teachers really like her. I'm not surprised because she's very likeable!!

Tyler went with us but wouldn't come in the room. He stood in the doorway. I think he enjoyed it overall though. He loved walkigng the halls and comparing it to his school. Kids always want to grow up and those of us who love them want them to stay just like they are:) Tyler kept telling everyone that in 9 days he would be ou of kindergarten...and in 1st grade:(
Now that's something this Grandma doesn't like to hear but even so it will happen!

I took a good picture of Tyler and Rhebeca in front of Webster school. I will have to post it later because right now my camera is in the car.

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