Wednesday, May 23, 2007

When there are big gaps in between my posting you can guess that I'm not feeling well. I have had a very hard time now for about 2-3 weeks. I really think it is the infection from the cellulitis dragging me down. I am beginning to get very discouraged. All I feel like doing is sleeping. Anything I do manage to get done is such a struggle...even including scrapbooking this time. Usually I am able to at least scrapbook. It helps to keep my spirits up.

I sometimes wished Kristi lived closer and I think she could help me a little bit. I feel so abandoned so much of the time. I don't blame anyone because they are busy with their lives. But, maybe she could pick me up and take me to the pool occasionally. The pool is the only thing that give me a little big of a lift. It takes down the swelling and give me a real boost physically.

I have included 2 layouts with this post. The one entitled "You Are So Beautiful" is one I did for the design team this week. We were supposed to do a layout using circles. The 2nd one (Roses from Daddy) I put on here is one I might have posted before but I entered it into an online scrapbook magazine yesterday and they are going to make me the featured layout on their page June 12th!! That was kind of affirmation of my scrapbooking ability.

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