Sunday, June 03, 2007

Below is my latest layout. I stayed up till 3:00 am this morning working on it. While I worked on it I watched "Dream Girls"...great movie...especialy is you like music. There are a lot of songs/singing in the movie.

It has been an interesting week and one I hope doesn't happen for quite a while again. On Tuesday I was feeling pretty good and decided to run some errands. I was a little bit nauseated so didn't wear my seatbelt. As soon as I made a left hand turn by Dairy Queen I saw several police cars and then saw the sign "operation seatbelt". I thought...I've had it. After I passed them I kept trying to put my seatbelt on but it kept locking right in front of me and then I started to sweve and decided it was better to get a ticket for the seatbelt rather than for reckless driving. He came up to the car and said..Do you know why I pulled you over? I told him I had a pretty good idea. I shoed him my card for the implanted pump and told him that at times the seatbelt made me more nauseated but he said there were not excuses..he had to give me a ticket. My first ticket...ever:(

If that wasn't bad enough the next morning I sent Wayne to the bank to make a deposit for me. He called me from the bank and said that the lady said that the wrong account number was on the deposit slip. I got this sinking feeling because that was from my new checks that I had started using the week before. I had written 16 checks with the wrong account number on them. I had balanced my account the day before and wondered why there were so many outstanding I knew why...they were being sent back. What sinking feeling:(
I started to make a mental inventory and realized how much it would cost to pay overdraft charges on 16 checks..yickes!! There were 2 that had been sent through and the rest hadn't gone through. Wayne talked tp jos friend that works at the bank and he said that he would try to flag those that would come through from then on but there were quite a few that were probably sent back. Paying those charges is like taking money and throwing it in the trash can and just makes me sick.

I've had a decent week as far as pain goes but have woken up every morning with muscle spasms in my back down into my tailbone. It is strong enough to about knock me to the floor until the muscle relaxer starts to work.

I will post more later...need to go take that muscle relaxer:)

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