Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tyler is the oldest of our 5 grandsons. He is 6 and the others are 3, 2, 2, and almost 2 years old. We went swimming yesterday at Swan Lake and Tyler, Kael and Kaleb came along. Kael and Kaleb are brothers and Tyler is the their cousin. Usually Kael wants to play with Tyler and Tyler totally ignores him but yesterday in the pool they played together so nicely. I could tell the Kael was thrilled that his "big" cousin would pay attention to him. The thing that was so interesting to watch is that Kael was like a little parrot to Tyler. If Tylers eyes burned from the chlorine and he had to get out and wipe his eyes...then Kaels eyes burned and he had to wipe his eyes. I later told Tyler what a responsibility he had to live his life as an example for the little ones younger than him. I don't know if he got it or even wanted to get it:)

I went to the family doctor yesterday because the endocronologists office had called and said I needed to go to my primary care doctor because some of the levels of my last blood test came back abnormal. I went to him today and he thought it was really strange that they would order the test and then sent me back to him rather than taking care of it themselves since they ordered the test. He went ahead and ordered some bloodwork so he could see for himself what is going on.

Since the swelling in my legs has been better I have had a lot more energy. The therapist is on vacation this week and she massages the legs 2 times a week which helps keep the fluids moving. I can tell a significant difference when she does that and then we keep them wrapped. It's such a HOT time of year to have these heavy wraps on my legs and feet. If we're going to go somewhere I usually wait till we get home so I don't feel like I"m melting.

Need to get to sleep!!

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