Monday, June 11, 2007

I go to see the neurologist today. I have had some blood work done and an MRI of my brain since I last saw him so it will be interesting to see what he knows..if anything. Right as I was typing that I remembered that I was supposed to bring the MRI report with me to this appointment. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now!

We took Tyler fishing yesterday afternoon with Tyler. This was one of my favorite pictures of the day with Tyler and Grandpa Wayne walking on the walking bridge downtown that goes over the yellow river. Tyler was so much fun to take fishing...he was SO excited and enthusiastic. It was surprising to see how much he all ready knows about fishing.

This is a picture of my leg wrapped up. As you can see, when my toes swell Wayne has to wrap my toes too. It really feels good because it takes almost all the swelling out. When wrapping my toes and my legs it takes Wayne about 15-20 minutes. Unfortunately it isn't something that will go away but will have to be done the rest of my life.

These pictures are of Tyler and Caden at the Swan Lake pool where we go to swim/exercise. The kids have learned to love the swimming and I enjoy the exercise because it is the only thing besides the wrapping that will take swelling out of my legs and feet.

Tyler had a spring concert at the end of his kindergarten year. It was a real step forward that Tyler would even go on stage with his class. When he was in preschool he wouldn't go on the stage at all but would hide behind the curtain. Tyler told his parents that he would sing in his head and we could see his head bobbing around like he really was doing that. He really felt good about himself afterwards!! Tyler is he boy to the right of the boy pointing.

I love this picture of Steve, Tyler and Caden. Sometimes a pictures just lines itself up and it's good to have a camera in your hand!

Alan has bringing Kaleb and Kael over occasionally. I have enjoyed getting to know them a little better with just the few of us at our house. Kaleb has made up to me where before he wouldn't have anything to do with me and it's been nice that he will let me hold him and play with him:)


Charity S. said...

I love that pic of them walking on the bridge!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Charity. I look at that picture and can't hardly believe that's the young man I married many years ago:) But..the feelings remain the same...I still love him! (and I don't look like a young chicken myself)