Friday, July 13, 2007

I did this page yesterday to go with the other beach page of Jacob. I love the big picture here...looks like he's been trying to cross the desert. Actually, Mommy carried him most of the way up the hill:) Kristi did a great job taking these pictures. It's hard to not scrapbook all of them but I try to just pick the best out of them.

Well, it's another day and another added problem. I haven't had headaches this bad for months but they decided to rear their ugly head this morning....actually all night last night. I am surprised since I got the nerve block a couple of weeks ago. I've taken motrin, vicodin and sinus medicine trying to get rid of it and nothing helps. I even had to turn down watching Tyler today and I would realy have liked to see him today. It's been a while since I've had Tyler over here and would have loved to have him but not with this p9ounding headache. I did go to the doctor this week and he said that I have a virus. I asked him why I was swolled so bad and he said it's called systemic swelling and that I will tend to have this when I get sick in the future. Oh goody...something to look forward to:(

The design team really keeps me on my toes. I had a meeting last night and got assigned 4 projects by July 26th. I know it is 2 weeks but with my health I have very few days to actually feel like scrapbooking. And, when scrapbooking for them I try to do an exceptional good job since the projects will be hanging in the store.

Alan is recovering very nicely. It's been kind of a rocky week since his surgery but overall I think he's his recovery is quite fast! He hasn't been sleeping well so last night I encouraged him to take a Tylenol PM. He said he really slept well and it was one of the best mornings he's had since the surgery. I will be so happy if this surgery helps him!!

Wayne is really working hard trying to do his regular work and all of Alan's work. I can't remember seeing him so tired as the last few days when he comes home. I've tried to encourage him to get all the sleep he can so he doesn't get sick. He seems to have the tendancy to get sick when he's overworked!

That's it for today. -

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