Sunday, July 08, 2007

This is my accomplishment this afternoon. I need to tweak it a little bit because the picture isn't on there straight but that shouldn't take too long! The green is an overlay that you just put over the picture and embellishments! The overlay makes it easy and gives it a real unique look.

I went to my first crop at the scrapbook store Friday night. We had SO much fun. I didn't get a lot accomplished between eating dinner and walking because my back was hurting. But, I did get this one below done and I thought it turned out cute.

This is a layout I did for the design team. We were to use 1 patterned paper and 2 cardstocks. We could use brads, ribbons or eyelets. This is my best friend from junior high and high school. I loved the retro look of the paper since the picture is from the 70's. It's been a big week for the family this week. Our son was supposed to have a microdisectomy on Monday but he told the doctor his pain had changed. The doctor ordered a new MRI and after seeing the MRI he said that Alan need a fusion. I think it shocked Alan and he said he'd think about it. He went home and over the next 2 days the numbness continued to grow further up his body. He went to see the doctor on Thursday morning and the doctor said he couldn't wait any longer so scheduled a fusion for 6:00 that evening.

Alan went home today and is doing very well for what he had done. He is dizzy, weak and nervous. All very much expected for his conditon. He is having to deal now with the losses he will have when he recovers from the surgery. He has loved cycling and jui-jitsu and will have to give both of those things up. I have had to deal with the same things and know how it feels to have to deal with these things. It is a resolve that we have to have and realize it's not worth doing what would cause more pain. He is younger and more active than I was so he'll have more to deal with that area.

I have had a very lousy week. I have not been sleeping at night and it makes my days absolutely horrible. I'm so tired all day long and anything I try to do I fall asleep. I just hope cand pray that I can start sleeping better at night. It is the pain that wakes me up and then I cannot get back to sleep.

I went to my first scrapbooking crop on Friday evening. I have always scrapbooked by myself and the design team decided to have a crop so I wanted to go. I have a really good time and wonder why I haven't gone before!

We are unable to use the motorhome right now for a couple of reasons. There needs to be some repairs done to the generator that are expensive and the cost of gas makes it almost prohibitive. Katie and Steve parked it at Playmor for the summer and they're really having a good time. They went there on July 4th and yesterday Caden wanted to call me. He is really hard to understand so Katie had to interpret for him. He wanted to call me to thank me for getting a couch for the motor home. It was so cute. The boys just love going "camping".

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