Monday, July 23, 2007

This layout is my latest creation and as usual it is for the design team at the scrapbok store. On this one I was to use a little sander and inker. I sanded the flowers and you can just see a hint of the pink ink on the edges of the flowers.

This picture was taken on our porch on an evening when Alan brought the boys over here for a while. I always enjoy it when he does that. I can get to know them a little better...especially Kaleb (the little guy) I thought it was so funny when we went out on the porch for this picture...Kael looked at me so seriously and said..."Can I run away?" to which I replied no. I don't tell the kids no too often but that was one that required a no. It was nice of him to ask thoough.

Our family has had an eventful week last week. First of all Tyler told him Mommy about th is man that wanted him to come into his house and see his 3 children...of which no children existed. Katie and Steve fully investigated this with the authorities and it is in their hands now. Well, this was so stressful to Katie that she had a seizure at 2 AM the next morning. Steve called me at 2:00 AM and it scared me to death. He was pretty evasive about her condition making me susbect that it wasn't good. Later I found out that when he called me he thought she was deat...what a horrific feeling Steve must have had. I am so thankful for a son-in-law that loves our daughter like he does. He is making sure for the next week that she is with someone 24 hours a day. Nothing could make a parent feel better. She has gone through a battery of tests wich were sent to the same neurologist that I am seeing.

Since then I have had trouble physically. I guess that is how stress effects me. Yesterday I was so exhausted I couldn't o out to eat with the family. I felt like I'd been run over by a semi truck and hadn't slept for weeks. I am a little better this morning.

Alan is doing quite well since his fusion. He went to work Friday. He hired someone to help him do the work and he drove. He was tired and sore at the end of the day but in bearable pain. I'm so thankful for his great success. Youth can help heal in record speed:)

My aunt and undle are here for just a couple of days so I hope I have a decent day today so I can see them. I don't get to see them often and just pray for a decent day. My toes have been extremely red lately and swollen and hurt SO badly. Maybe if Wayne wraps them this morning before going to work it will help...I always have hope.

Saturday was the day that I could have gone to Chicago with the design team but opted to stay home because of my health. It was such a sad day for me. I had hoped that Wayne would be here with m to help cope but he had to work till 6:00 PM. I was close to tears the whole day. Some of the losses from my health are just too hard to handle and it am just reduced to tears! I scrapbooked most of the day to try to keep my mind busy.

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