Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Above is a layout I did for the design team. I am applying again to be on the team for the next year and they asked that we do a bio page this was SO hard for me to figure out and for me to do. I hate pictures of myself and I also don't like to talk about myself...but I did it:)

I've been having trouble sleeping. The night before last I took a sleeping pill and I sleep walked. Every time I sleep walk I end up in the kitchen trying to do some kind of cooking. Many times I've gotten out bread or poured some cereal and just left it there. So, even though I take a sleeping pill it is a very restless sleep. I didn't take a sleeping pill last night and slept all night in my chair at the computer. I think every time I think of getting in bed I realize that I might get muscle spasms so I wait and the last few nights I don't end up in bed at all which makes me really tired the next day. Such is the life...the fun life of someone with chronic back/feet pain.

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