Tuesday, November 13, 2007

These pictures are Tyler with the webkinz. Someone had a great idea with these webkinz. They come with their own special number that you enter on their website. They come with their own room and enough money to decorate the room. There are lots of choices when it comes to decorations and clothes to dress the webkinz in. You play lots of different games, answer questions and take quizzes to earn more "kinzcash". You have to feed your pet and get it lots of rest. They can get sick and if they do you take them to the doctor. It's a whole world of its own. There is something about this that kind of sucks you in:) You see how many pets we have? I have trouble saying no when the grandkids ask for another pet...and they know how to press my buttons to get one too...like the pouting lip and the disapponted look:(

I got news today that Molly is home. That is good news!! From what I gather when they did her cath. of her heart they accidently punctured an artery. She started bleeding inside and no one figured it out until this young doctor came in her room at 3am and figured it out and applied pressure to that vein and got it to clot and stop bleeding. Molly, if you're reading this...I was really worried about you along with many others. So glad to hear you're home.

My Dad will be going in within the next few days to have his cancerous kidney removed. He will be in the hospital for 5 days. With the short stays anymore that's a long time. I hope and pray that this will take care of the problem and he will be here for many more years. He's an important part of our family...like the firm or strong foundation.

Wayne had an interview with Namco last night in Merrillville. He pretty much has his choice of where we could go. The one that sounded best to both of us is Indianapolis. He would be the regional director of Indianapolis, Terre, Haute and Louisville. He would be gone for 2 nights a week. They would pay for us to move to Indy. It's really a hard choice to make. If I would end up getting disability then we would be better off staying here. So, we have a big decision to make in the next few days.

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