Friday, November 09, 2007

My latest layout!!

It's been a full week and I'm really tired tonight. That's quite unusual for me because I don't usually get tired till about 2:00 in the morning.

Take a look at Tyler's boots (the pirate) in my previous post. I made those for him. He was so excited about his boots until he saw them. He was totally disappointed with them. I know he was expecting real boots with a sole and he got these strange looking boots that would fit over his shoes. By the time he put them on he saw the look and loved them. That's when a grandma is proud of her work and the 6-8 hours spent making them is worth it!
We have been We've been watching "The Great American Band" because there's a young man on there that we knew from our church. It is especially fun because he came with me to one of my concerts when I was singing and I had him sing a song by himself. He loved it and was a natural. I think he was like a Sophomore in high school at the time he came. He went to a music school in Nashville (I forget the name right now) and started his own band and they are AWESOME. Their name is Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. I hope they continue to do well!!

Every once in a while I hear about someone who thinks they have been healed. They give God the glory claiming him to have have heard prayers on their behalf and to have intervened in their life and healed them. That always brings questions to me ...The first one, of course is why haven't I been healed? I've had prayers on my behalf for years. Along with myself are people like my doctor's first wife, Jane who had 2 young children and another young man with 4 children who has MS, and is unable to function and take care of himself. If anyone was to be healed, it would them and yet Jane passed away and Mike continues to suffer the effects of MS..being no more than a vegetable unable to even communicate with anyone.

I'll step down off my soapbox:) This last week I picked up Tyler from school on Tuesday. It was a really cold day and we were getting some occasional snowflakes coming down. I needed to go to the scrapbook store for a couple items and surprisingly enough he waned to go too. He had an agenda and that was to check out the children's design team that they will be having for children soon. While we were there he was playing in the children's play area when he heard a customer come in and say it's snowing outside. He came over by me and was SO excited. He said...Can I go outside and see if there's enough snow to make a snowball? I told him to stay on the sidewalk and it would be fine. The funny and cute part about it is that it was only spitting snow and with a chilld'a innocence he really thought he thought he could make that snowball!

My cousin Molly who is just in her early 30's went to Northwestern Hospital in Chicago for a heart catheritiztion. (sp?) I found out today that it didn't go well. She started bleeding and they couldn't get it stopped. That was yesterday and she is now in intensive care and has had several blood transfusions. Please pray with me for her to be all right. I guess they found out that it's not her heart that causing trouble but her lung. I don't know if that's good news or bad news...let's hope it's good!!

Forgive any typos today...I've fallen asleep while typing this about 10 times:) Guess it's time to go to to bed.

Sleep well!!!

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Tricia said...

I love this layout! Thank you so much for all of your updates! Oh, and by the way, you have been tagged.....