Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wayne stayed home and didn't go to work yesterday. We had a 1:00 appointment and flu shots at 2:00.
After that I did a little Christmas shopping for the grandkids. Wayne couldn't believe that I could stay in WalMart for 2 hours. Well, men just don't understand how long it takes to look, think, put it in your cart, go back and take it out of your cart and then go and check out and wait in line. Anyway, I got a good start on the grandkids Christmas and that is the hardest part. I would like to save shipping if I can and buy it locally.

I've had a couple of unsettling things happen that I have to keep a positive attitude if at all possible. One day last week I drove to WalMart to do some grocery shopping. I was looking at the toys trying to get some ideas while I was there. I kept falling asleep and the toy I had in my had would fall to the floor. I was there by myself and knew I had no business being on the road when I'm like that. It's not fair to other people or to myself. I called Wayne and asked him what to do so he called his parents and they came and picked me up. One of them drove their car to my house and the other drove my car. He is close to 80 and she's a few years younger and it shouldn't be them helping me...I should be helping them. I DO appreciate their help though!

I have more to say but keep falling asleep:)
As usual, please overlook any typos:)


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