Monday, November 19, 2007

I just love these pictures of Bella. They are on her Mom's website trying to help sell the Coach headbands her Mom makes. The baby ought to sell hundreds of them alone:) Isn't she a little doll? She started crawling at 6 months and now at almost 7months she is crawling all over the house. The unusual thing is that her sister came here to the USA from Brazil at 9 months old. She crawled with one knee and the other leg was her foot kind of running along...make sense? Bella crawls just like her big sister did.

I spent the day reorganizing my scrapbook room today. It need it so badly. I just couldn't find anything I was looking for. What a job!! I all ready have a good start towards next years used items sale. I figure if I haven't used it since we moved here that I'n not gonna use it.

I am fighting depression tonight. I don't get this way often. I try to keep my spirits high with continuing to do activities I enjoy. Last night I went with Katie and helped her while the 2 boys got their picture taken. I couldn't believe that poor little Tyler got an upset stomach because he got so nervous about the picture. He ended up really enjoying himself and the pictures we saw this afternoon were wonderful!! I can't wait to get mine (and start scrapbooking:)

Wayne worked another long Monday. He left the house around 6:00 and got home around 6:00. I try not to let his long hours bother me but the lonliness sometimes is overwhelming:(
I don't know quite how to work through this or maybe I can't! Lonliness is lonliness. I usually have Tyler in the afternoons and today his Mom didn't work so I didn't need to pick him up.
Oh well, now I'm rambling.

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